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Fifth Third, along with our partners at EVERFI, has created a best-in-class, interactive and online education experience for students, empowering them to build better financial futures.

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Financial Literacy™

The high-school course builds the foundation for students’ future financial well being. Covering everything from common account types to the basics of investing and financing higher education, each module provides interactive instructional material that makes each topic approachable and relatable to students. Students are immersed in real-life financial scenarios, and challenging with difficult decisions. Complicated processes – like buying a car or filling out the FAFSA form – are broken down for the student in an easy-to-understand way.

As a teacher, you receive:

  • Real-time student assessment and completion data on your teacher dashboard
  • Supplemental, offline lesson plans
  • Detailed standards alignment guide with your state-specific standards
  • Answer Keys for all assessments
  • Engaging discussion guides

Your students will receive:

  • Engaging animations providing explicit direct instruction on new topics
  • Guided practice activities that reinforce financial knowledge and skills
  • Engaging, performance-based games
  • Pre, formative, and post assessments – Immersive, interactive learning experience

Entrepreneurial Expedition™

The course guides students through their personal journey to become an entrepreneur. Students learn to make informed business decisions, covering concepts like building startup capital, managing a budget, developing a product, pricing, hiring, marketing, and even the art of the business pitch. Upon completion, students leave with their own e-Portfolio – a dynamic, visual representation of their personalized business plan and personal career goals. Venture can be integrated into unit plans and used during class time, as a capstone project, or as part of a flipped classroom.

As a teacher, you receive:

  • Real-time student assessment reports on your teacher dashboard
  • Detailed standards alignment guide with your state-specific standards
  • Answer Keys for all assessments
  • Supplemental lesson plans

Your students will receive:

  • Lessons in entrepreneurship that will help them build applicable business skills
  • Developing an understanding of the “entrepreneurial mindset” to think critically and solve real world challenges
  • An E-Portfolio highlighting their work
  • Immersive, interactive learning experience

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